New Scientist presents ‘Instant Expert: Mysteries of the Mind’

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You’re in possession of one of the most complex and incredible objects in the known universe: the human brain. It isn’t much to look at – a wrinkled pink blob with the texture of soft tofu, yet it’s what has enabled our species to build civilisations, create great art and fly to the moon.

How does a 1.4 kilogram tangle of nerve cells allow you to sense, understand and change the world? How does it support thoughtmemory and consciousness? What is intelligence and how does it change as we grow older? Are male and female brains so different? What are the profound connections between the human brain and body? And what happens when things go wrong?

Join six experts working at the forefront of neurosciencegenetics and psychiatry to answer these questions and more. Discover why this is the most exciting time in the history of brain science.

Anyone interested in neuroscience, whatever your age or background. Whether you’re a scientist, a student or simply a fascinated human being, Instant Expert: Mysteries of the Mind offers the chance to learn directly from the experts at our one-day masterclass

Topics covered will include:

  • Intelligence
  • Consciousness
  • Memory
  • The mind-body connection
  • The Male-female brain


  • Hannah Critchlow – neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge
  • Sarah Garfinkel – professor in psychiatry at the University of Sussex
  • Gina Rippon – professor of cognitive neuroimaging, Aston University
  • Stuart Ritchie – lecturer at King’s College London
  • Plus 2 more expert speakers to be announced soon
  • Hosted by Graham Lawton – New Scientist Features Writer

Benefits of attending:

  • Become an expert in one day
  • Informal set-up, meet like minded people
  • Open your mind, be inspired
  • Unique chance to ask your burning questions to our experts

What’s included in your ticket:

  • In-depth and engaging talks from six leading brain researchers
  • Ask-an-expert Question Time session
  • Your chance to meet our six speakers and host Graham Lawton
  • Sandwich lunch, plus morning and afternoon refreshments
  • Exclusive Instant Expert certificate
  • Exclusive on-the-day New Scientist subscription deal, book and merchandise offers

Event Detail

May 11, 2019 10:00 am
May 11, 2019 5:00 pm


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