Our objectives


Create an annual focus for the celebration of medicine in each host city

We do this by:

- Building an annual four day city-wide festival in each location
- Working with city authorities and mayoral offices to focus on local health needs and inequalities
- Helping over 85 host organizations come together to make a bigger impact through a festival approach


Excite and educate the general public to learn more about medicine

We do this by:

- Offering a diverse program of experiences, exhibitions, talks and activities
- Providing free CPR, first aid and other health education events in each city
- Having an annual festival theme which addresses an important health topic and helps keep the festival content fresh


Inspire future generations about the potential of careers in medicine

We do this by:

- Providing a schools program to inspire future doctors, nurses and allied health professionals
- Ensuring the festival program offers something for all ages and levels of experience
- Collaborating with local medical schools, nursing colleges and educational bodies


Build sustainable collaborations between organizations in each city

We do this by:

- Recruiting a local advisory board to inform and shape the festival content
- Hosting an annual global summit to tackle a key issue important to all host cities
- Building organizational networks and collaboration in and between each city