Join us for a History of Quack Medicine Secret Speakeasy

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Join us for a savory experience of pseudoscience and bizarre health machinery hosted by Denny Daniel, proud collector and owner of The Museum of Interesting Things.

Daniel will retrace the evolution of medical device advancements and the lack thereof through an interactive demonstration including everything from quack medical devices, electrical and magnetic, radiology, to prosthetics, glass eyes and civil war and early 1900’s surgical tools, dental devices from tooth keys to 1800’s foot pump dental drills, and medicines that worked (or didn’t)! Come see and feel actual items from the 1800’s and 1900’s. We will cure you of your ailments.

In the handful of centuries documented by mankind, Medicine evolved through science discoveries and practice, experimenting with the technology of its era in a quest of understanding the human machine, suppressing pain, disease, and probably death itself. But regarding the past, some of the techniques employed by our relentless ancestors seem rather odd, inappropriate or sometimes … very brutal.

Admission includes access to the Mind Your Manners Secret Speakeasy afterwards at 7pm


About The Museum of Interesting Things:

The Museum of Interesting Things is a traveling virtual or live interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions that goes to schools, libraries and events and inspires kids and adults to be curious. We bring back tinkering. I like to say it shows kids and adults that their ipods did not pop out of thin air! Like a circus…just no elephants!

The Secret Speakeasy is a live and virtual benefit to help the Museum reach more kids and adults as well as a way for more people to see and enjoy the thingies and see 16mm films and hear vinyl records! Each week has a different historic theme.


  • Advance registration required
  • Admission costs $10 to support the museum
  • Includes access to Secret Speakeasy afterwards at 7pm

Event Detail

September 11, 2022 5:00 pm
September 11, 2022 7:00 pm


The Museum of Interesting Things