Host FAQs

Is there a cost to participate?

No. We’re extremely grateful for your support.

Who is likely to attend?

The festival will be open to everyone. Thursday and Friday usually feature a greater concentration of activities for medical professionals, with Saturday and Sunday focused on the general public of all ages. Each event will be badged to help those attending navigate the festival.

Can we charge an admission fee?

Yes. We aim to keep the vast majority of each festival free though we understand this isn’t always possible. In the spirit of our mission we ask you keep charges to a minimum.

Can you provide staff or support?

A small number of volunteers will be providing support across the city. Their role is primarily providing assistance, distributing maps, and guiding our guests between venues. If you feel this would be helpful for your location please let us know.

How do I manage attendee numbers?

If you’re new to running an event or thinking about how best to manage attendee numbers there are two main options –

  • No registration – Best for large venues, exhibition or drop-in activities; ideal for those with staff to manage crowds
  • Pre-registration – Best for capacity limited or timed activities; we recommend this option if you have any concerns about attendee numbers

We encourage hosts to use their existing booking systems where possible. We can also register guests and manage maximum numbers for you via the festival website at no cost.

How will we be promoting the festival?

Each festival has a website showcasing the events and activities taking place. This will be combined with segmented social media and email campaigns supported by print advertisements in key press. Printed maps and a festival guide will also be produced.

Have further questions? Drop us an email at [email protected]