Meet the pathologists – virtual careers talks for 13 – 18 year olds


November 5 - 02:00 pm


November 19 - 02:45 pm

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The Royal College of Pathologists

Meet pathologists and scientists in our virtual careers session. Find out what its like to work in this fascinating area of health science.

Did you know that if you’ve ever had a blood test, tissue biopsy or cervical screening, a pathologist or clinical scientist will have been involved in your care? Pathology is the study of disease and if you’re interested in medicine or biology, this event is for you!

Find out what its like to work in pathology – at these free events for 13 to 18 year olds, you’ll get to virtually ‘meet’ some pathologists and/or clinical scientists. After live-streamed interactive talks from people working in pathology (two at each event), you’ll then get the chance to ask them questions.

Teachers can book a place for their whole class or students can book their place individually and join the event on their own devices and/or at home. You can join us for all of our virtual events or fewer if you can’t make all of them – you need to book each event with a separate ticket.

If you want to get some inside info on pathology before the events check out our animation ‘What is a pathologist?’ and our video interviews with pathologists.

These events offer the chance for secondary school students to:

  • Know more about what pathologists and clinical scientists ‘do’ and how pathology is useful and relevant in your everyday lives
  • Discover some exciting facts about the work that goes on in hospitals to diagnose and treat disease
  • Gain an understanding of what skills and interests people who use pathology and science in their work have
  • Understand about how you’re already using pathology skills like curiosity, creative problem-solving and teamwork in your science learning.