Future of Medicine 2023


We’re pleased to be returning after our scaled down events in 2022 with our full festival schedule celebrating medicine and health in five cities around the globe.

We’re on a mission to get people excited about medicine. Through a series of city-based festivals MED celebrates the best of what medicine offers, provides a platform to educate and share ideas, and helps inspire future generations.

In each city we aim to engage the public in a diverse program of experiences, exhibitions, talks and activities. From behind the scenes tours of hospitals and specifically curated exhibitions, to talks from world experts and hands-on technology demonstrations – we’ve got something for all ages and interests.

In addition to our regular agenda, we’ll be curating a special series of events looking at what the future holds for medicine by the year 2033. From the future of robots in healthcare to new drug discoveries, we’ll be exploring what’s possible to make people healthier over the next decade.